Virus Cleans / Reloads

There are two methods to fix a computer infected with viruses. 


First Method

The first method is called a “reload” where we wipe the machine completely clean.  This method is 100% guaranteed to remove viruses.  Doing a reload will erase all data on the computer unless you tell us what to save.  We can’t save programs installed on the computer.  If you need data saved it’s $110 plus tax.  If you don’t want anything saved it’s $82.50. We’ll also blow the dust out of the computer.

With a reload you will get a hard drive check, a drive format, the operating system installed, all driver work, a virus scanner with update subscription, updated security updates from Microsoft's website, current version of javascript, current version of flash, dvd decoder to play dvds, a remote application that will allow us with your permission to remotely assist you (high speed internet accout required), and more!


Second Method

The second method is called “virus clean”.  With this method we scan the computer and remove viruses.  We are highly effective at removing viruses; however, this method is NOT 100% guaranteed.  Some viruses do damage to the operating system and simply removing them won’t fix the problem.  If the computer is not booting up or won’t allow us to go into safe mode, we won't be able to provide this option.  Virus cleans are $55 + tax.  If a virus clean doesn’t work and you don’t want a reload the charge is $27.50 + tax.


Also keep in mind that there could be other problems on your computer not related to viruses.  We visually check the inside of the machine and test the hard drive.

Usual turn-around time is about two days.