We can fix your TV or buy it!
At FCI Computer Solutions, we can repair your flat-screen LCD television!  We can repair distorted screens, color problems and black screens / no power.  
Most TV can be repaired for $150-$199.  Note: If the LCD/LED/Plasma panel is
cracked or shattered, the repair NOT COST effective. 

            • Deposit Charge required
              at drop-off ...... $55
            • 32"-42" ........... $125-$175
            • 47"-52" ........... $150-$249
            • 55"-60" ........... $175-$299
            • 70" and up ..... $225 & up
We BUY TVs, working or broken
Call for a quote: 903-758-2300

TV Power Boards
These boards power on your television and give it life!  We can replace capacitors, diodes and fuses.  Sometimes a powerboard can fail by itself or from a thunderstorm or power surge.  These are usually cheap fixes, so bring your TV to FCI Solutions today!

TV T-Con Board
A t-con controls the picture on your TV.  These are usually 
very cheap repairs!  Signs of a bad T-con are distorted picture,
 dark spots in the
screen and "tints of color" or "off color"pictures.
TV Mainboard
The mainboard is where all your plug-ins are.  This board controls the entire TV.  If this board is bad, you TV may not power on.  You may hear it "clicking" and trying to come on, only to never see anything on the screen.  

Cracked TV Screen
Although cracked screens are not worth fixing, we can offer to buy it from you for the parts inside.  We can use good parts from inside a cracked screen to reduce the cost of fixing someone else's TV. At FCI Computer Solutions, we recycle and scrap the remaining metal.