Computer Service & Repair
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Virus Clean - $80
We'll remove viruses, pop-ups, adware and malware for one flat rate of $80.  Generally this service will speed up your machine and clear a lot of the clutter built up on the computer.  We'll also make sure Java, Flash and Windows Updates are done.  Our turn-around time is 24-48 hrs.

Anti-Virus - 3PCs for 1-Year  $39.99
We offer AVG 2015 Anti-virus for use on up to 3-PCs for 1 year!  Great protection starts with an award-winning antivirus.

Wipe & Reload  - $110
Reloading the computer will restore it back to factory settings, and make it like it was new.  This will wipe out any viruses, junk programs and history that is on your computer. 

Computer Not Powering On / Loading
We can replace motherboards, RAM or power supplies which can all cause a PC not to load. 

Cracked LCD Screen / Physical Damage
LCD Replacements on 15.6" screens start at $139.99.  We can also repair broken laptop hinges, keyboards, touchpads and more.

Data Recovery
Come to the experts when you need to recover important data!  Starting at $65, we have the ability to recover data from a damaged drive, deleted files and even dead or clicking drives.