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Dell 740 w/ 17" LCD (7 in Stock)
AMD Processor @ 2.2Ghz
2GB RAM / 80GB Hard Drive
Windows 7 Home Prem. w/ Anti-Virus
SPECIAL $79.99 or Layaway for $45 down

Dell GX520 w/17" LCD 
(5 in Stock)
Pentium 4 @ 2.8Ghz
2GB RAM / 40GB Hard Drive
Windows XP w/ Anti-Virus
SPECIAL $79.99 or Layaway for $30 down

HP All-in-One (1 in stock)
Dual-Core Processor
4GB RAM / 500GB Hard Drive
Windows 7 Home Prem.  w/ Anti-Virus
$299.99 or Layaway for $100 down